v  5 Primary Unique Value Propositions 

v  Innovative Lending

  •   Down Payment Assistance - 3% and 4% Grant available to 620 credit score
  •   Qualify with 2% Tax Rate for New Builds
  •   Fast Pass Guaranteed 12 day close!
  •   MCC Tax Credit - Your Buyer saves up to $166/month for the life of loan

v  Lead Share Agreements

  •   We subsidize lead buys
  •   Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and many more
  •   Shared CRM – instant updates on your leads via our In House Virtual Inside Sales Reps

True Lending Partnership

  •   We provide approved buyers not just leads
  •   Our Approved Buyers Means More Commission Right away!
  •   How many closed buyers did your Lender refer to you last year?

Jeffrey Caballero - President Efast Funding

Cell (713) 446-6516 - jeff@efastfunding.com

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